Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si Falls
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Kuang Si Falls is an astonishingly beautiful waterfall! Just LOOK at those features! Alas, it is also somewhat remote. This has served to limit tourism. Consequently, it remains comparatively pristine. This geological masterpiece is located in northern Laos. The local terrain is quite rugged. Due to this, few tourists visit it without a guide. Bridges and walkways have been built around the site for safety. As a result of its great beauty, the location has been named a World Heritage Site. And deservedly so….we say! The beauty of the entire vista is literally ethereal!

Kuang Si Falls
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Kuang Si Falls Formation

Kuang Si Falls is a three-tiered waterfall. And it’s gorgeous! It begins as mere shallow pools on a steep hillside. Yet these flow into a main fall approximately 200 ft (60 m) high! A small level landing is found at the bottom of the main fall. Another set of much smaller falls follow. At the bottom, numerous small pools have formed. Furthermore, a multitude of miniature cascades are formed by water flowing from these pools. That’s awesome! Many of these cascades are as much as 16 ft (5 m) in height themselves! They may be smaller, but they are no less beautiful!

Kuang Si Falls
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Kuang Si Falls Distinctiveness

The (breathtaking!) Kuang Si Falls is a travertine waterfall. Limestone in the water has been deposited over the ages. The numerous unique formations have been created due to this action. Yet the splendor of this location is not limited to its geology. In addition, the water is an incredible turquoise in color! Also…it is quite cold! Furthermore, in one location there is a large pool. Many locals and tourists alike use the pools for swimming. Most of all, the surrounding jungle foliage gives the location a perpetual otherworldly feeling!  Finally, one of the larger pools is off-limits to tourists. IT is considered a sacred site by the local inhabitants.


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