Kaieteur Falls


Kaieteur Falls
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Kaieteur Falls is a magnificent high-volume waterfall. This marvel of geology is supplied by the Potaro River. It is a central part of the Kaieteur National Park. The park itself is located within the Essequibo Territory, Guyana. The Potaro River itself flows from the escarpment of the Pakaraima Mountains. The river eventually flows into the Essequibo River. This river is among the widest and longest rivers in all of South America. The name of the falls is derived from a local legend. The legend states: an unpleasant old man was once  placed in a boat and shoved over the falls by his relatives. Because of this legend,  the fall was named “Kaieteur. ” This literally means:  “old man fall”.


Kaieteur Falls
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Kaieteur Falls Physical Description

Kaieteur Falls sits at an elevation of approximately 4,380 ft (1,335 m). It is a single drop waterfall. It is listed as the 123rd highest waterfall on earth. Kaieteur Falls plunge approximately 741 ft (226 m). Though not among the tallest, it is one of the hghest volume of all known waterfalls. It generates an average flow rate of approximately 23,400 cubic feet ( 663 cubic meters) per second!  This incredible rate of flow gives it the 19th greatest flow rate of any known waterfall.


Kaieteur Falls
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Kaieteur Falls Geology

Kaieteur Falls flows over a cliff composed primarily of sandstone. At the bottom of the plunge, the water flows over a series of steep cascades. If  included in the measurements, they give Kaieteur Falls a total drop of approximately 882 ft (251 m).  The width of the falls is approximately 500 ft (152 m). The waterfall was not seen by Europeans until 1870. The first measurements of its height were taken one year later. The falls are approximately in the middle of Guyana’s  rainforest.


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