Thorsmork is a beautifully rugged mountain ridge located in Iceland. This geological marvel was named after the Norse god Thor. The name translates as Thor’s Forest. Thorsmork is located in the southern portion of the country. It lies between the glaciers of Eyjafjallajokull and Tindfjallokull. This picturesque ridge is also surrounded by three rivers. They are named Prouga, Krossa, and Markarfljot. Yet another glacier is situated at one end of Thorsmork. This glacier is named Myrdaljokull. The nature of the landscape has made the region extremely popular with hikers and climbers.


Source: Photographer: Chmee 2

Thorsmork Climate and Conditions

The unique conditions present in Thorsmork has led to the formation of a climate much more temperate than most southern Iceland. Within the protection of the valley vegetation grows in abundance. The most prevalent types of plants include birchwood, ferns, and moss, along with a variety of small shrubs. Fed by the melting glaciers, numerous waterfalls are present within Thorsmork.  Much of the region was inundated by a layer of volcanic ash in the spring of 2010. This occurred when the nearby volcano Eyjafjallojokull erupted.  It required several months before the local climate returned to normal.


Todd Sain Sr.

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